I bring software products to life

To me, there is nothing like building software products. The idea of creating something, that helps and brings joy to other people, it’s exhilarating. Taking an idea from a piece of paper, or even a napkin, and turning it into software is my obsession passion :wink:.

I advice software startups as a Product Consultant

I aid entrepreneurs and startups to build, improve and maintain their products. Either by joining a product team or being a one-man (product) band.

I’ve been working in the software industry since 2007, both as a software engineer and a product manager. Collaborating with engineering teams while obeying to customer needs and business objectives. In order words, I speak fluent code, features and money.

What I do

  • Domain Expertise Development. An accurate understanding of your domain is the first priority. I’ll work with you to untangle the problem you are looking to solve. Design a logical and prioritized way to solved it, along with its work plan. By the end, you’ll be able to understand and to communicate what you are trying to do with your product. No more buzzwords slamming.
  • MVP Execution and Evaluation. A quick and inexpensive way of testing your value proposition is a must. We’ll confirm our assumptions before committing resources to a full blown solution. There’s at least 6 ways of doing this, and must of them doesn’t depend on building the entire thing in advance. We’ll ship what our customers want, and they’ll love us for that.
  • Product Team Development. Your team’s focus should be on customer happiness. I’ll teach them how to move fast into understanding what build and how to make it so. Starting from scratch? I will even help you into the recruiting phase.
  • Full-Stack React & React Native engineering. I’m always up to craft software products that make a difference. My core skill is Javascript, and React is my weapon of choice nowadays. From idea to implementation, I’ll make your idea a truly scalable and reliable product.